Like most studios we follow a “waterfall” project management style, meaning all stages of production are done in succession. Once they are finalized, locked, and approved, you move onto the next step. Going backward and revising already-approved assets can cause delays and impact budgets. Here are the milestones we use, in order:



Concept >>>
Scripting >>>
Styleframes  >>>
Written Art Direction >>>
Sketch Storyboards >>>

<<< Storyboards
<<< Music
<<< Voice Over  Sound
<<< Design Preview
<<< Written Art Direction
<<< Sketch Storyboards

Rough Draft 1 Delivery  >>>
Rough Draft 2 Delivery >>>
Sound Design >>>
Final Deliverables  >>>

The workflow is similar to live-action. However, unlike the editorial phase in live-action post, all visual assets are very time consuming to create and to change once they are animated. Once something is animated, going back to make changes is similar to scheduling a re-shoot.

From start to finish, final deliverables can typically be completed 4–6 weeks after the script is locked. Production schedules can be compressed if needed but will require next-day feedback from your client and more hands on deck.
As you might expect, simple, shorter animation projects can be done much quicker. A 15-second 2D spot with no character animation can be turned around in 2 weeks or less. If you want high-quality character animation, it will take longer.
We’re happy to provide our full process for you to use, just email us. >>> info@kidzoncomputers.com